Reply to the so-called "deobf"

  • First, liquidsense is based on liquidbounce
    Marco also agreed with me to obf and encrypt
    Secondly, I also submitted code to Marco on discord
    I encrypted it just to prevent skidder in China from copying and reselling it
    Liquidsense is a free project just optimized for liquidbounce. You can understand it this way.

    Reply to the so-called "deobf":
    I think it's ridiculous. do you really think you deobf liquidsense
    Net/ccbluex is only the liquidbounce source code in order to prevent frame dropping, so I didn't use jnic encryption. besides, can you deobf me/aquavit? loser? you can't. you can only say that you are too lazy because you won't. because liquidsense is a free project, my hwid is simple to write and easy to crack, but you can't break it. and if I want to encrypt, I can write it as reflection and java is converted to c, so do you realize how funny your behavior is?
    loser baby haha,pls deobf it!
    Liquidsenseb6 will be updated recently, which optimizes beta code and adds a lot of new things
    In addition, Marco is making a new liquidbounce, which is a new base, losing the old code and supporting 1.16-1.8/1.7
    首先 liquidsense基于liquidbounce
    liquidsense是一个免费的项目 只是优化的水影 你可以这么理解

    我认为非常可笑 你真的认为你deobf了liquidsense吗
    net/ccbluex仅仅是liquidbounce源代码 为了防止掉帧 所以我没有使用jnic加密 另外 你可以deobf me/aquavit吗 ^ ^Loser 你不能 你只能说你太懒 因为你根本不会^ ^ 因为liquidsense是免费的项目 所以我hwid写的很简单 破解也很容易 但是你破不掉^ ^ 并且我如果想加密我可以写成反射并且java转换成C^ ^ 所以你认识到自己行为多么滑稽了吗
    最近将会更新liquidsenseb6 它优化了beta的代码以及添加了很多新东西^ ^
    另外透漏一下 Marco在制作新的liquidbounce 它是新的base 丢掉了老的代码 并且支持1.16-1.8/1.7

  • @aquavit he is looking for rat g, also you can just like reply using reply system

  • I don't like skidder, so at present my code can only be sent to Marco or senkju.

  • If I really want to protect code completely, I can convert java code to c, but me/aquavit is now the degree of protection of jnic. I estimate that no one can solve the liquidbounce forum
    And what is dump? can download
    i can not understand
    hwid is public
    everyone can ask for discord staff get it

  • @AquaVit send liquidsense source 😳
    also I know you gave a lot of ur stuffs to litely lol

  • @aquavit don't worry he deleted his post I think or someone deleted it for him. Also, it was called "source code" but no LS code was really deobfed, only regualar lb stuff

  • @hahayes I'm a little angry because he said I'm skidder instead of others. some people in China also like to attack liquidsense. I'm used to it, but he insulted me and didn't deobf my code yet

  • @aquavit tru, hes just angry to liquidsense because he got banned from the Discord for some reason I guess (he is unbanned now but he refuses to join tbw)

  • @aquavit Can you give me liquidsense no obf and hwid? As you are online... Im also making my own custom build, but its buggy.

  • @hahayes i joined lol since ~3 december, also, @AquaVit, if you weren't "angry" you won't write to this forum lol (yeah grammar is 12/10)

  • @hahayes I did not delete it.

  • @hahayes topic about rat was fake, yes, but some months ago, i thought that these tmp files are rat like in Moon X Leak

  • @aquavit i can just dump this dumb-shit from another pc/virtual machine with AntiAntiVM
    (I already dumped Flux b13 and skidded groundstrafe lol)

  • @wtf I donot know what is moon x ,i only play liquidbounce 😅and i only know exhi novo ast flux debug becasue I only live on Chinese websites. Many videos are carried by others in

  • @aquavit Can you go on discord and talk with me about custom lb? i need to go cya.

  • @wtf and flux b13 is ayataka make it use zkm obf
    not jnic loser fluxb13 crack by Chinese ho3
    u are a loser little boy

  • @aquavit And i do agree with you about it being IMPOSSIBLE to remove hwid and obf from liquidsense.

    I tried skidding everything i could with 7zip, the only thing i could skid without errors is the main menu, and thats not a bypass.

    Your protection makes modules not work.

    Good job AquaVit

  • @gabriel i will fix

  • wEll done bro
    here's rbqwow with love 😉

  • love liquidsense :axohyperdab: :axohyperdab: