How to correctly check other players' inventory?

  • I used this code in my Client(mcp937, Java) to check how many Totems your competitor have:

    String totems = String.format("Totem: %d", -> slot.getStack().getItem() == Items.field_190929_cY/*Totem*/).mapToInt(slot -> slot.getStack().stackSize).sum());

    but when I play in server, it seems that can only count my target's off hand. how can I fix it?

  • idk
    i only do script for lb 1.8.9
    because lb 1.12 not update,a lot bug,..etc

  • Moderator

    On servers, the client only gets Items that it can actually see, meaning armor slots, hand (and offhand).
    You can't do anything about this, as the server just doesn't send you that information.

  • @Temm Thanks for explaining that!