• So, Because "Replay Mod" is not compatible with liquidbounce i want lb replay (built in replay mod for liquidbounce that is able to:

    • Replay any thing, to save and then put on youtube
    • Delete replays anytime
    • Free 🙂

  • replay mod doesnt work on liquid

  • smfh

  • @Gabriel I have had this thought for a while, but it wasn't a priority.
    The good news is that it won't be extremely difficult to make the recording part. Because

    • replaymod is opensourced and licensed under the same license as LiquidBounce, and according to the license it should be ok to use replaymod's code in LiquidBounce
    • The recording part is basically a packet dumper, and it uses the exact same way (Mixin) to inject and listen to the packets. It would be relatively easy to put those code in to LiquidBounce.

    And here's the most important code of the recording part
    But I would still suggest that there is a possibility to make it in scriptAPI, and I would prefer this way, I am not sure if the maintainers are willing to add this to the official branch. As it was not a necessary feature for a hacked client and the code was from another repo. And it would require some energy to write elegant code.

    As for the replay part I think it would take considerable amount of time to implement it, so I guess it would be better if we have another client just for rendering videos uf we made the recordings part.

    I would like to look into this as long as I have spare time.

  • im needing it to make a hack montage for coccocoa 😄

  • nice. (dont ban me for posting after the 15 days no one posted in)