ScriptAPI Changes in b73

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    Script Verification

    In LiquidBounce b73, we will add verification for scripts. When you want to release a script, you can send it to one of us, so we can check if it is safe for the user. When this is done, we will sign it. When LiquidBounce tries loads an unsigned script, the user will be informed that the script is not approved by us, has full access to the filesystem, network etc. and that an AV wouldn't be really able to detect if it is safe.

    Cross Version

    If you want a script to work on other mc versions, you will have to adjust your code yourself. There will be runtime constants, that will tell you on which version you are. We will release some information on how to make your version cross version compatible soon, the newer versions will be Backwards Compatible with the b72 scripts.

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