• Matrix/Other AntiBots allways stay in a certain range to the player. So it would make sense to check if an entity allways/not stays in range ca 10 blocks around the player. Can someone make an AntiBot-script like this?

  • if you can code custom liquidbounce, check if that player is flying around and if he is mid click friend him (have nofriends off so it works)

  • also, make custom liquidbounce with sigma 5.0 TESTSPEED mode for speed and rename it to "Hypixel",put sigma 5.0 ncp speed to liquidbounce too, i also want hypixel funcraft mode to liquidbounce (it works on redesky and allow me to change the boost speed 🙂) EDIT: Redesky made aac update and now highjump aacv3 + longjump aacv2 works

  • I coded it in Java and it works perfctly. I will try to make an Script Version

  • Can't you just like, check if the name is in the tab list.
    And if there are multiple players with the same name that is in the tab list, only target the one that has existed the longest?

  • @lenis0012 This probably would also work, but I like mine more :axoomegalul: