• Most hypixel Are hackers I want to Hack too but the legit Way TRUST mE i Did try Autoclicker and reach with aimassist And It's Really Bad i want To use Killaura With NO IF i can't WHy is most hidding hacker Can use killaura woth no ban ? :axosad:

  • what language are you speaking

  • He's trying to be like the other Hypixel hackers who use KillAura, but he wants it in a legit way. What he doesn't understand is that there's NO way you could be legit with KillAura. (probably)

    @LoveDucks, go on a test server and simply test your KillAura, but I can tell you that there's no way to be legit. (Maybe close to being legit yes, could be possible)

    If you are a lazy person to try out all the settings of KillAura to test which one's more legit, here's a setting that could be close to legit.

    KillAura MaxCPS 8
    KillAura MinCPS 7
    KillAura HurtTime 8
    KillAura Range 3.2
    KillAura ThroughWallsRange 0
    KillAura RangeSprintReducement 0
    KillAura Priority Direction
    KillAura TargetMode Switch
    KillAura Swing true
    KillAura KeepSprint true
    KillAura AutoBlock false
    KillAura InteractAutoBlock false
    KillAura DelayedBlock false
    KillAura BlockRate 40
    KillAura RayCast true
    KillAura RayCastIgnored true
    KillAura LivingRayCast true
    KillAura AAC true
    KillAura MaxTurnSpeed 30
    KillAura MinTurnSpeed 20
    KillAura SilentRotation true
    KillAura Strafe Silent
    KillAura RandomCenter false
    KillAura Outborder false
    KillAura FOV 180.0
    KillAura Predict true
    KillAura MaxPredictSize 1.5
    KillAura MinPredictSize 1.0
    KillAura FailRate 31.3
    KillAura FakeSwing true
    KillAura NoInvAttack false
    KillAura NoInvDelay 0
    KillAura LimitedMultiTargets 0
    KillAura Mark false
    KillAura FakeSharp false

    Alright listen. I've never played on Hypixel before, so I don't know if this setting is going to get you kicked/banned. But since it bypasses the latest AAC version + NCP, Matrix, I don't think it's going to be a problem with Hypixel's anticheat.

    If Hypixel uses Antibots, use this setting:

    AntiBot Tab true
    AntiBot Color true
    AntiBot EntityID true
    AntiBot TabMode Contains
    AntiBot Air true
    AntiBot InvalidGround true
    AntiBot NeedHit true
    AntiBot DuplicateInWorld true
    AntiBot DuplicateInTab true

    Another thing that I don't know about Hypixel is how far in blocks you could hit a player, so I set it to 3.2. If you/people say that it can go even higher, it's up to you.

    And also remember,


  • Banned

    hurttime 0
    mincps 0
    maxcps 1
    range 3
    100% legit
    remember to use ur hand too :axocooler:

  • I want to use my main so i can be OP in my main account and gain wins

  • @LoveDucks no , we never recommend you to use hacks on your main . If you want ghost hacking , go buy VapeV4

  • If you are autoclicking and reaching and you can't still win, I suggest to unistall the game

  • @Coccocoa I don't mean that i LOSE With autoclicker and reach I mean that i don't want to use them
    @Leejames2305 Yea I will spend 40$ for a game of blocks . . . Make sense

  • @LoveDucks If you want to have a ' Premium ' unfair advantage , paying is a must , because you get what you pay for .

  • Banned

    stop begging for non-existant things

  • Banned

    @LoveDucks said in Hypixel Hackers:

    @Leejames2305 Yea I will spend 40$ for a game of blocks . . . Make sense

    spending 40$ is better than begging for legit killaura settings that don't make you ban on ur main account (not even exist lol)

  • @ChocoPie_isme You are the Last guy that i want to Hear So can you shut up ?

  • And Yea I get it never use Liquidbounce with your main account And i'm not going to take that risk again

  • Banned

    @LoveDucks said in Hypixel Hackers:

    And Yea I get it never use Liquidbounce with your main account And i'm not going to take that risk again

    everyone needs you to say that

  • Just stop hacking and play legit with optifine
    100% no ban
    99,99% cant win

  • Wanna hack the legit way ? Buy either Vape/Ice tea, these 2 will do the work for ya. LiquidBounce is made for people who don't usually care about any servers they play on, so they use it to enjoy themselves or just to have fun. The 5% of the users here are people who "are not" good enough at a specific game they play, so they use this client to have a bigger advantage + be a lot better than they used to be. No offense but you're one of those 5%. Everyone is telling you to switch to a ghost client because the risk of being banned is significantly lower than using a goddamn rage client.

    P.S: If you have money on your credit card or something, you could buy premium unbanned Hypixel accounts at some sites which cost like 1$ or something. Beware of scammers tho.

  • @mems woah cool ok thank you mr! i from somalia no afford mine cheat ok???? i selled internet conection 2 year for food

  • i selled my non-existent wife for money idk why i don't get any money

  • @Azure he iz speeking le language of godz

  • I want just to say that Wurst wasn't a ghost client !
    It's a rage client as well but i use it as a ghost client with no ban
    I wish if it was for forge 1.8.9