Nametags Health aesthetic improvements

  • I have a couple of suggestions to improve the health indicator in nametags mod because right now it usually blends in with the rest of people's names especially if their name is red, and it's hard to see if the person is low on HP.

    1. Make the number color coded depending on how much health
      above 10 HP = &a (green)
      above 5 HP = &e (yellow)
      5 or less HP = &c (red)

    and change the word HP to the heart unicode which will always be &c color so it's easier to differentiate the colored number from the HP word or heart symbol

    1. option to move the HP either above or bellow the player's nametags
      this will be very useful

    Either (or both) suggestions would be really cool, thanks!

  • Would be more useful on TargetHUD. Anyways thanks for your suggestion!

  • come to think of it i would rather remove the "HP" or heart symbol completely and just keep the color coded health number