How to get the player looking pos?

  • I need smth like this:
    var C06PlayerPacket = Java.type('');
    and i wanna mark this like the normal Teleport with a meter counter. Then i want to get my tp (its a hclip setted to the distance) till now i just got an x axis teleport but i wanna tp u can choose how long and where u tp :C

    Smth like:

    Get Meters
    Set Meters to hclip distance


    If Meters (10)
    set distance to hclip to (10)

  • var MovementUtils = Java.type("net.ccbluex.liquidbounce.utils.MovementUtils"), clipDistance;

    MovementUtils.getSpeed() >= 10 && MovementUtils.forward(clipDistance = 10);

  • @CzechHek said in How to get the player looking pos?:

    var MovementUtils = Java.type("net.ccbluex.liquidbounce.utils.MovementUtils"), clipDistance;

    so this gets the distance of looking block and sets the distance to the clipdistance?

    ive tried it with this offset

    function hClip(offset) {
    	mc.thePlayer.sendQueue.addToSendQueue(new C04PacketPlayerPosition(mc.thePlayer.posX, mc.thePlayer.posY, mc.thePlayer.posZ + offset, mc.thePlayer.onGround));

    then ive tried to put in ur script but it seems not to work do i have to change on urs smth like rename it to hClip not clipDistance ?

    this.onUpdate = function () {
    		if(mc.thePlayer.onGround) {
    			mc.thePlayer.motionY = 0.32
    		        mc.thePlayer.sendQueue.addToSendQueue(new C03PacketPlayer(true));
    		if (mc.thePlayer.onGround && mc.gameSettings.keyBindSneak.pressed == true) {
    			MovementUtils.getSpeed() >= 10 && MovementUtils.forward(clipDistance = 10);
  • Moderator

    Just take a look at the teleport class of LiquidBounce, you should be able to find the code that gets the block you are looking at and how to determine the distance to it.
    By the way, if you want to teleport more than 10 blocks, you have to send several packets. 😉