Build Blocks silent around you

  • I cant find the tower src code so i dont know how to make blocks around you without any clientside rotations. I also need the module to set the player exact in the mid of a block when activate smth like cubecores nofall. Then i need it to place the blocks like in the vid

    Video (Click)

    It kinda protects u from other hackers. Sigma useres infinite aura gets blocked but it tries still to hit u and they get kicked if they not deactivate 😄

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  •   // Target block
        private PlaceInfo placeInfo;

    this is what ive found for the targetblock stuff but no code where its described or im blind.
    How to do this in script api? Can i say the code cords like:

    scan where palyer is
    set player exact at block mid
    place a block at ~1 ~ ~
    place a block at ~-1 ~ ~
    place a block at ~ ~ ~1
    place a block at ~ ~ ~-1

    place a block at ~1 ~1 ~