• A jetpack module similar to the ones used on bedrock edition clients. Once enabled, it moves your player to where you are facing. Speed is customization (a float from 1.0 to 9.0) and having it set as a bind is recommended. Created by me

    var script = registerScript({
        name: "Jetpack+",
        version: "1.0.0",
        authors: ["HNU Founder"]
        name: "Jetpack+",
        category: "Movement", // Movement, Misc, Combat, Fun, Player, Exploit, World, Render
        description: "A better Jetpack module for LiquidBounce created by Founder",
        settings: {
            speedSetting: Setting.float({
                name: "Jetpack+ Speed",
                default: 2.0,
                min: 1.0,
                max: 9.0
    }, function (module) {
        module.on("update", function() {
    var calcYaw = (mc.thePlayer.rotationYaw + 90.0) * (Math.PI/180.0);
    var calcPitch = (mc.thePlayer.rotationPitch) * -(Math.PI/180.0);
            mc.thePlayer.motionX = parseFloat(Math.cos(calcYaw) * Math.cos(calcPitch) * module.settings.speedSetting.get());
            mc.thePlayer.motionY = parseFloat(Math.sin(calcPitch) * module.settings.speedSetting.get());
            mc.thePlayer.motionZ = parseFloat(Math.sin(calcYaw) * Math.cos(calcPitch) * module.settings.speedSetting.get());

    Download Script: [Jetpack+ LB.js]

    Module and Setting

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  • oh come on, give respect to every scripter, it's not easy to make scripts

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    1. Im sure that it only bypasses vanilla
    2. It will go up even if you don't press the jump key

  • @ChocoPie_isme It wasn't made to bypass

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    ok so add the key jump check it would be good

  • Good job founder

  • Really good to simulate 1.16 swimming, I was searching for that

  • @yorik100 wat