BlockMC's Bed/Skywars Config. (Possibly undetectable)

  • ⬤ The following config includes: KillAura, Scaffold, LongJump, ChestStealer, NoFall, AutoArmor, FastUse, AutoClicker, NoSlow and F*cker.

    ⬤ Requirements:
    IdkWhoMe's NoFall ( )

    ⬤ 9/12/2020:
    1. Updated Scaffold settings.
    ⬤ 9/15/2020:
    1. Removed AutoBlock from KillAura.
    ⬤ 9/20/2020:
    1. Removed a script since there's a new custom LiquidBounce and has AutoBlock fixed.
    2. KillAura modes renamed.
    3. Scaffold options renamed.
    ⬤ 9/23/2020:
    1. Improved KillAura settings.
    2. Added a new option in NoSlow.
    3. Scaffold AutoBlock update, because of the new Custom LiquidBounce. (10:00 PM)
    4. Removed some no longer existent options. (11:00 PM)
    ⬤ 9/24/2020:
    1. Removed custom LiquidBounce because it's finally merged with the original LiquidBounce.
    ⬤ 10/17/2020:
    1. Added ExpandLength check to scaffold because I've heard many people saying that the config doesn't work, so that was the problem guaranteed.

    ⬤ AIO Settings:

    FastUse Mode Instant
    FastUse NoMove false
    AutoClicker MaxCPS 10
    AutoClicker MinCPS 8
    AutoClicker Right true
    AutoClicker Left true
    AutoArmor MaxDelay 45
    AutoArmor MinDelay 45
    AutoArmor InvOpen false
    AutoArmor SimulateInventory true
    AutoArmor NoMove false
    AutoArmor ItemDelay 10
    AutoArmor Hotbar true
    LongJump Mode AACv2
    KillAura MaxCPS 16
    KillAura MinCPS 15
    KillAura HurtTime 10
    KillAura Range 4.5
    KillAura ThroughWallsRange 3
    KillAura RangeSprintReducement 0
    KillAura Priority Direction
    KillAura TargetMode Switch
    KillAura Swing true
    KillAura KeepSprint true
    KillAura AutoBlock off
    KillAura InteractAutoBlock false
    KillAura BlockRate 100
    KillAura RayCast false
    KillAura RayCastIgnored false
    KillAura LivingRayCast false
    KillAura AAC true
    KillAura MaxTurnSpeed 30
    KillAura MinTurnSpeed 20
    KillAura SilentRotation true
    KillAura Strafe Silent
    KillAura RandomCenter false
    KillAura Outborder false
    KillAura FOV 180
    KillAura Predict false
    KillAura MaxPredictSize 1.5
    KillAura MinPredictSize 1
    KillAura FailRate 0
    KillAura FakeSwing false
    KillAura NoInvAttack false
    KillAura NoInvDelay 0
    KillAura LimitedMultiTargets 0
    Velocity Mode Simple
    Velocity Horizontal 0
    Velocity Vertical 0
    NoSlow BlockForwardMultiplier 1
    NoSlow BlockStrafeMultiplier 1
    NoSlow ConsumeForwardMultiplier 0.2
    NoSlow ConsumeStrafeMultiplier 0.2
    NoSlow BowForwardMultiplier 0.2
    NoSlow BowStrafeMultiplier 0.2
    NoSlow Packet true
    NoSlow Soulsand false
    NoSlow LiquidPush true
    ChestStealer MaxDelay 50
    ChestStealer MinDelay 50
    ChestStealer TakeRandomized false
    ChestStealer OnlyItems false
    ChestStealer NoCompass true
    ChestStealer AutoClose true
    ChestStealer AutoCloseMaxDelay 80
    ChestStealer AutoCloseMinDelay 80
    ChestStealer CloseOnFull true
    ChestStealer ChestTitle false
    Rotations Body true
    Scaffold Mode Expand
    Scaffold MaxDelay 0
    Scaffold MinDelay 0
    Scaffold PlaceableDelay false
    Scaffold AutoBlock Spoof
    Scaffold Sprint false
    Scaffold Swing true
    Scaffold Search false
    Scaffold PlaceTiming Post
    Scaffold Eagle Normal
    Scaffold BlocksToEagle 0
    Scaffold ExpandLength 1
    Scaffold RotationMode StaticYaw
    Scaffold RotationStrafe true
    Scaffold SilentRotation true
    Scaffold xzRange 0
    Scaffold yrange 0.8
    Scaffold SearchAccuracy 16
    Scaffold MaxTurnSpeed 180
    Scaffold MinTurnSpeed 180
    Scaffold StaticPitchOffset 83.2
    Scaffold StaticYawOffset 45
    Scaffold KeepRotation true
    Scaffold Zitter false
    Scaffold Timer 1
    Scaffold SpeedModifier 0
    Scaffold Slow false
    Scaffold SafeWalk false
    Scaffold AirSafe false
    Fucker Block 26
    Fucker ThroughWalls None
    Fucker Range 6
    Fucker Action Destroy
    Fucker Instant false
    Fucker Swing true
    Fucker Rotations true
    Fucker Surroundings false
    Fucker NoHit false
    chat &7[&410/17/2020&7]&7:
    chat &fSuccessfully loaded BlocksMC's config. &4(Made by mems)

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  • nice config bro contuie the good work

  • COOL thank you!

  • Scaffold updates, since the server uses AAC but they have messed it up so bad, The placing speed for example, false flags why would I need to make the scaffold optimized for diagonal placing.. First time experiencing this.

  • i already made that u can use .config load blocksmc and u not need to use custom build just use latest build lol

  • and pls test my config its already inculded all these bypass (and a few more) with beauty motd for informations

  • @Teals53 I make my own configs, no matter if there's already one.

  • then i just say test that i mean its better and its not req custom build also have more automation and more customized settings for give more advantage

    so thats not necessary

  • @Teals53 Yeah I will

    EDIT: Before I test your config, you do know that it uses a heavily (wrongfully) configured AAC? Plus, Scaffold needs RotationStrafe in order to work

  • @mems this config working without any problems and that doesnt matter in scaffold rotationstrafe open or close i just close that for attack people when u r scaffolding thats doesnt effect performance also if u have suggestion lets make this better together dude

    just read tips carefully and play without problems

  • and as far as i know this server have spartan idk bcs when im higher than 300 ping, server stuck me and cant allow to play (spartan do this too)

  • @Teals53 It actually doesn't have Spartan, I think. Just because of the fly detection method it's AAC to me.

  • can possible idk xd

    just gimme feedback after test that heavily

  • server crasher aac mode + cubecraft + swing works i think

  • I don't think it's just because fly detection method, considering bypasses and stuff it really looks like AAC but I guess their config is weird

  • @Teals53 Sorry for such a long time but I had stuff to do and umm yeah.. Scaffold/KillAura setbacks a lot, NoFall kinda works, because when you fall from like 5-7 blocks high, you don't get setbacks, but if you fall higher than 7 blocks you will probably get flagged, I tested only the ones which were important to me, at least. And plus I'm on a custom LiquidBounce so I cannot give 100% accuracy if it doesn't work or not.

  • KillAura update, removed autoblock because it'd cause "instant" setbacks or even kicks.

  • New custom liquidbounce, new bypass, removed a script, new updates.

  • KillAura + NoSlow updates..

  • New custom LiquidBounce, new Scaffold AutoBlock modes, different bypasses.

    EDIT: Removed some no longer existent options.