BlockDrop's Bedwars Config. (Undetectable)

  • ⬤ This config includes: KillAura, Target, Velocity, NoSlow, Scaffold, AutoClicker, InventoryMove,FastUse and F*cker.

    ⬤ Requirements:
    IdkWhoMe's NoFall ( )

    ⬤ 9/15/2020:
    1. Added Teleport.
    ⬤ 9/20/2020:
    1. Removed a script since a new custom LiquidBounce is made and has them fixed already.
    2. Fixed KillAura options.
    3. Scaffold options renamed.
    4. Updated Tower settings.
    ⬤ 9/23/2020:
    1. Improved KillAura settings.
    2. Added a new option in NoSlow.
    3. Scaffold AutoBlock renaming because of the new Custom LiquidBounce. (9:57 PM)
    4. Removed some no longer existing options. (11:00 PM)
    ⬤ 9/24/2020:
    1. Removed custom LiquidBounce because it's finally merged with the normal LiquidBounce.
    ⬤  10/17/2020:
    1. Added ExpandLength check to scaffold because I've heard many people saying that the config doesn't work, so that was the problem guaranteed.

    ⬤ Tip: You can hit someone from a far distance using the module TeleportHit. It works really good, but if you hit the player too many times, you will probably get setbacked.

    ⬤ AIO Settings:

    Target Player true
    Target Dead true
    FastUse Mode Instant
    FastUse NoMove false
    AutoClicker MaxCPS 10
    AutoClicker MinCPS 8
    AutoClicker Right true
    AutoClicker Left true
    InventoryMove NoDetectable false
    InventoryMove AACAdditionPro true
    InventoryMove NoMoveClicks false
    KillAura MaxCPS 16
    KillAura MinCPS 15
    KillAura HurtTime 10
    KillAura Range 4.5
    KillAura ThroughWallsRange 3
    KillAura RangeSprintReducement 0
    KillAura Priority Direction
    KillAura TargetMode Switch
    KillAura Swing true
    KillAura KeepSprint true
    KillAura AutoBlock off
    KillAura InteractAutoBlock false
    KillAura BlockRate 100
    KillAura RayCast false
    KillAura RayCastIgnored false
    KillAura LivingRayCast false
    KillAura AAC true
    KillAura MaxTurnSpeed 30
    KillAura MinTurnSpeed 20
    KillAura SilentRotation true
    KillAura Strafe Silent
    KillAura RandomCenter false
    KillAura Outborder false
    KillAura FOV 180
    KillAura Predict false
    KillAura MaxPredictSize 1.5
    KillAura MinPredictSize 1
    KillAura FailRate 0
    KillAura FakeSwing false
    KillAura NoInvAttack false
    KillAura NoInvDelay 0
    KillAura LimitedMultiTargets 0
    Velocity Mode Simple
    Velocity Horizontal 0
    Velocity Vertical 0
    NoSlow BlockForwardMultiplier 1
    NoSlow BlockStrafeMultiplier 1
    NoSlow ConsumeForwardMultiplier 0.2
    NoSlow ConsumeStrafeMultiplier 0.2
    NoSlow BowForwardMultiplier 0.2
    NoSlow BowStrafeMultiplier 0.2
    NoSlow Packet true
    NoSlow Soulsand false
    NoSlow LiquidPush true
    Rotations Body true
    Fucker Block 26
    Fucker ThroughWalls None
    Fucker Range 6
    Fucker Action Destroy
    Fucker Instant false
    Fucker Swing true
    Fucker Rotations true
    Fucker Surroundings false
    Fucker NoHit false
    Scaffold Mode Expand
    Scaffold MaxDelay 0
    Scaffold MinDelay 0
    Scaffold PlaceableDelay false
    Scaffold AutoBlock Spoof
    Scaffold Sprint false
    Scaffold Swing true
    Scaffold Search false
    Scaffold PlaceTiming Post
    Scaffold Eagle Normal
    Scaffold BlocksToEagle 0
    Scaffold ExpandLength 1
    Scaffold RotationMode StaticYaw
    Scaffold RotationStrafe true
    Scaffold SilentRotation true
    Scaffold xzRange 0
    Scaffold yrange 0.8
    Scaffold SearchAccuracy 16
    Scaffold MaxTurnSpeed 180
    Scaffold MinTurnSpeed 180
    Scaffold StaticPitchOffset 83.2
    Scaffold StaticYawOffset 44.1
    Scaffold KeepRotation true
    Scaffold Zitter false
    Scaffold Timer 1.0
    Scaffold SpeedModifier 1.0
    Scaffold Slow false
    Scaffold AirSafe false
    Scaffold SafeWalk false
    Teleport Mode AAC3.5.0
    chat &7[&410/17/2020&7]&7:
    chat &fSuccessfully loaded BlockDrop's config. &4(Made by mems)

    For lazy people, click here.

  • Whats the anticheat? Also, I think it would be a good idea to add Inventorymove AACAdditionPro false (or whatever) because it looks like lagback with it (could be a coincidence that just happened to me)

  • @hahayes It uses AAC, and about InventoryMove I will add it, if it's useful

  • Added Teleport. I know that there's a script which has to do with teleporting but I guess I should stick with what LiquidBounce's Teleport module can do. It works for like 20-30 blocks far.

  • @mems The script does work over 100blocks.
    You can klicktp on the bed in 4v4v4v4 bedwars of other teams and you will get tped there and kill them pretty quick lol

  • Banned

    yes boi knicktp

  • New updates, new LiquidBounce, removed a script.

  • KillAura + NoSlow updates..

  • New custom LiquidBounce, 2 different modes, 2 different bypasses. Only Scaffold updates.

    EDIT: Removed some no longer existing options.

  • All configs now don't need a custom LiquidBounce anymore.

  • does the liquidlaucher have the latest version or do i need to download it as a forge mod

  • @Johho, download it here.

  • thanks(longer)

  • Scaffold updates.

  • aacclicktp script works there, and you can use 6 block expand scaffold and maximized killaura (i think so it's been a while since i have hacked there)

  • It uses AAC as an anticheat, so not many things can be bypassed like expandlength and all that.

  • @mems it uses horizon 1.4.6 wdym

  • @loli-gameur Does it really though ? According to the detections it looks like AAC to me, could be wrong, probably..

  • @mems /horizon2020-10-18_16.47.23.png

  • @loli-gameur You proved your point, I guess.. maybe they switched anticheats these days