• As said in the new annoucement:

    A very important thing is that we want to get out of our "just download scripts to bypass" situation. We really want to work on new bypasses and you might seen that we're going to update our hypixel bypasses for b73.

    Why not work with script makers and implement scripts on the official client that the community deems useful? This would save time searching and developing new modules/bypasses, and the community would be more connected.

  • @ponei Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Admin

    If you have a script that you think should be implemented into the client, you can create an issue for it here. Simply provide a download link for the source code of your script and a description of what it does and why it is useful. If we believe that a significant amount of users would benefit from it being in the client, we will implement it into the client.
    We might not merge every script with bypasses, however. Servers like CubeCraft update their AntiCheat very often and LiquidBounce usually only receives a new release every few months. For that reason we think that it is favorable if such bypasses are not implemented directly into the client. Scripts can be updated much quicker.

    If you want your script to reach more users, you could also submit it here. If we accept it, users will be able to download it from our website. We are also working on a solution which would allow us to permit obfuscation.

  • That was done with Phase mode Mineplex

  • This is a very smart idea

  • How about implementing an actual script-sharing functionality into the client

  • How about implementing an actual script-sharing functionality into the client