• Enable NoWeb.
    • .noweb mode none
    • .speed mode custom
    • .speed customspeed -0.0246
    • .speed customy 0
    • .speed customtimer 1

    If possible make a module regarding that, higher speed than that will cause immediate setbacks, pretty slow but I guess it's fine? Test it out for yourselves.

    EDIT: Basically it works without sprinting, but if walking looks slow to you, you can increase the speed, but make sure it reaches 1.84m/s EXACT. I've tested with the custom LiquidBounce's scaffold slow mode and it actually works without sprinting.

  • XD (spartan is not good) (you can make it faster)

  • there arent many servers using spartan tho

  • @infAura why would anyone use a paid anticheat that is lot worse then some free anticheats such as ncp