(Repost) 1.12 CubeCore offical release! (3.0 update)

  • Hello guys, and today ive made the decision to release 1.12 CubeCore

    Why did I release CubeCore?

    I released 1.12 CubeCore because I am more interested in developing wormy client then to continue making scripts for 1.12 LiquidBounce. 1.12 LiquidBounce is full of bugs and many other problems that I dont like, so thats why I dont really use 1.12 LiquidBounce anymore. Its scripting api is also pretty limited and you cant make things such as killaura or scaffold for example.
    Scripts included:
    CubeFloat: Basically a normal speed fly.
    FastFloat: CubeFloat with higher timer speed, bypasses for about 50 blocks (Removed in the 2.0 update)
    CubeSpeed: A pretty fast onground speed that also works as a fast glide.
    CubeBHop: Its more of a lowhop instead of a bhop, but its best in games such as solo skywars.
    CubeFHop: A very fast speed that is pretty hard to control... I only recommend it in big maps!
    CubeTower: Basically a tower addon for scaffold.
    CubeFly: Its a glide on its own, but it can be an infinite fly if you bind it with fly and set the fly mode to hawkeye (you have to place blocks before landing if you did this)
    CubeMessage: An automessage that is customizable.
    CubeClip: A vclipper with an adjustable height.
    CubeClip2: Another vclipper with an adjustable height.
    CubeConfig: Automatically applies the best settings for you.
    CubeLadder: It makes you go fast up ladders when you press the w key and makes you go down when you press nothing. you can also press shift to stay on the ladder, however, i dont like the cubeladder because its pretty buggy and you have to turn off fastclimb for it to work.
    CubeLongJump: a damage longjump that allows u to jump pretty far distances. I recommend binding strafe with it so you can control it midair.
    Scaffold2: Another addon for scaffold, makes scaffold go slow then fast and vice versa. Im pretty sure it bypasses infinitely.
    Damage: Damages yourself. I recommend it for the longjump.
    Timer2: It is an addon for the longjump (it helps the longjump bypass the slowdown check) (Removed in 3.0 update)
    SmoothFloat: A smooth cubecraft fly (Kinda similar to LiquidBounce's CubeCraft2 fly)


    1.12 CubeCore offical release! – 05:31
    — Hamzah Adam

    1.12 CubeCore update! – 05:02
    — Hamzah Adam

    1.12 CubeCore 3.0 update – 00:55
    — Hamzah Adam

    How to use the longjump like in the video?

    1st, you have to bind LongJump, HighJump, Timer2, and Damage to the same key.
    Theres is also a few rules about the longjump:
    You can not have a high ping like 300 or higher.
    You cant have a speed or jump boost potion effect. You also cant be taking damage from lava.
    You cant walk then jump after enabling it, you will get flagged back.
    LongJump and HighJump settings i would use:
    HighJump: Vanilla, 2.0 height
    LongJump NCP: 15 ncpboost. It can go up to 19, but its not recommend in small maps or maps with islands close to eachother. (max ncpboost is only like 9 now)
    When you are done applying those settings, Sprint for about a second or 2, and as soon as you enable it, jump immediately. If done correctly, then you should be able to jump a big distance.

    Just sprint, and enable cubelongjump while moving. it also automatically jumps for you. Disable it when you land.


    1.0: Offical Release of 1.12 CubeCore.
    1.1: Made 1.12 CubeCore open src.
    1.2: fixed bug with binds, and added FastFloat. note: FastFloat only bypasses for about 50 blocks, so its good in games such as solo skywars. Also moved modules from cubemisc. Delete cubemisc before installing this update!
    1.3: Hotfix regarding the self damage patch.
    2.0: Brand new CubeFloat, changed CubeSpeed, and a new SmoothFloat module. Also removed FastFloat.
    to cubecore.
    3.0: Updated CubeSpeed, CubeFly, and removed Timer2. Also added new CubeLongJump module.
    3.1: Updated cubecraft config.
    3.2: Updated cubecraft config again

    How to install CubeCore?
    download it
    move cubecore to %appdata%\.minecraft\LiquidBounce-1.12.2\scripts
    restart liquidbounce if its running already

    Download 1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/file/funr2s8ubynwvrg/CubeCore.rar/file
    Download 1.1: https://www.mediafire.com/file/z0cl46x5dmjcwiv/CubeCore.rar/file
    Download 1.2: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/710011453255712798/710279292172501032/cubecore.ls
    Download 1.3: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/710011453255712798/717892991292932146/cubecore.ls
    Download 2.0: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lvqm966xllticmo/cubecore.ls/file
    Download 3.0: http://www.mediafire.com/file/28xtdx8hecs498d/cubecore.ls/file
    Download 3.1: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8tupk67oo40w297/cubecore.ls/file
    Download 3.2: https://www.mediafire.com/file/n85yixb73w1vnyc/cubecore.ls/file

  • Pretty good! But I think coding with Java or Kotlin is more convenient.

  • How does this work

  • @Kasumi_Scarlet said in (Repost) 1.12 CubeCore offical release! (2.0 update):

    Pretty good! But I think coding with Java or Kotlin is more convenient.

    true, but u cant do that in 1.12.2 liquidbounce's scriptAPI, better known as LiquidScript

  • 3.0 update bois

  • Config has been updated, due to the older config sometimes causing sentinel bans

  • Warning: It seems that Dawson is trying to patch criticals and invcleaner
    If you are using InventoryCleaner, turn on OpenInv to avoid sentinel bans

  • Config has been updated again, due to sentinel receiving new inventory related checks