[Request] Scaffold for JartexNetwork.

  • title says it all. btw is it possible to bypass their new ac, since i've tried playing with the settings but no outcome..

  • @mems
    you can try speedmodifier 0 turn off sprint
    turn on eagle
    placetiming PRE
    hold the block while scaffolding

  • alright i've tested your settings, so what happened is that you can bypass both acs but it flags when you sprint, so if you don't sprint with these settings, you're basically "undetected". so i could say that works, will share settings once i test it even more, i will update the situation

    EDIT: if i scaffold diagonally, it will flag/kick me. not sure about straight/left/right/back direction, might not detect, but will test.

    EDIT no.2: Going in all directions apart from diagonal is undetectable maybe confirmed. and yes i got banned for scaffolding lol, but by a staff this time. sacrificing in order to give other lb users the best settings is a good idea i guess, will share scaffold settings.

  • @mems
    i miss some setting in scaffold
    cuz (i haven't played jartex).
    i heard they have 2 ac
    I will test it later