Rod Aura / Rod PvP

  • A Module, that allows you to hit the Player automatically with the FishingRod, that he will not be able to hit you.

    Idea: This Module was in the past in a german client named Pirate (I guess) with a Rod PvP, that he showed on GommeHD and he easily outranged everyone.

    Why?: Legits or Invis Cheater use them to outrange their Opponents pretty easy and combo them. Why this should not be a good feature for a Obvious Hack Client too?
    Especially if on the Server/Anticheat only works a Range between 3,2-3,5 you will not be that much able to outrange everyone very easily. With a Rod it would be and also they would be much more mad, that without a Rod. :axolaugh:

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