Help me change from java form to js form.

  • plz help me, I need it now! 😞

    public static List<EntityPlayer> getTabPlayerList() {
    		NetHandlerPlayClient var4 = mc.thePlayer.sendQueue;
    		ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
    		final List players = GuiPlayerTabOverlay.field_175252_a.sortedCopy(var4.getPlayerInfoMap());
    		for (Object o : players) {
    			NetworkPlayerInfo info = (NetworkPlayerInfo) o;
    			if (info == null) {
    			ArrayList list2 = list;
    		return (List<EntityPlayer>) list;

  • I'm not really sure how could someone create something like that...

    names = Java.from(mc.getNetHandler().getPlayerInfoMap()).map(function (p) {return p.getGameProfile().getName()});
    entities = [];
    names.forEach(function (n) {entities.push(mc.theWorld.getPlayerEntityByName(n))});

    but that makes no sense aswell when you can just use


  • @CzechHek i think he making antibot matrix by checking player info

  • @ButterChicken said in Help me change from java form to js form.:

    Probably not skidded from Sigma 4.11 cracked src's Mineplex antibot