Aesthetic reupload (Legacy)

  • Download: Aesthetic.js
    Coded in the legacy scriptapi so it wont work above b71
    Aesthetic lets you change a lot of visual things in minecraft and has other stuff too. moved to Misc because now it can alter some real stuff and also fixed broken array list tag

  • Moderator

    Just because it was written in the "legacy" ScriptAPI doesn't mean it doesn't work above LiquidBounce b71.
    We also don't plan to make ScriptAPI v1 no longer work in the near future, so it's technically still fine to use it but would appreciate if people move to ScriptAPI v2 since it has a various improvements compared to v1.

  • Moderator

    Please use the forums own File Upload by just dragging your script into the Input Field instead of using third party file hosters like mediafire.
    Edited your post.

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