LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b72

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    LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b72 has been released!

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug in KillAura's facing check which sometimes prevent it from attacking.
    • Fixed notifications element sometimes glitching around the screen.
    • Fixed bug in command tab autocompletion.
    • Fixed visual glitch with TabGUI border.
    • ArrayList can now be placed exactly in the corner of the screen.
    • Fixed overlapping module names in ArrayList.
    • Fixed various vanilla crash exploits.
    • Fixed AAC velocity not setting motion values properly.
    • Fixed Blink showing fake player when using Pulse mode.
    • Fixed Regen/FastUse/Zoot sending unnecessary packets.
    • Fixed Nuker not destroying block below player last.
    • Fixed LiquidWalk NoJump not working on lily pads, slabs, etc.
    • Fixed KillAura facing check staying enabled even if rotations are disabled.
    • Fixed Step sometimes staying enabled after disabling.
    • Fixed issues with Teleport target position finding.
    • Fixed typo in AntiBot (InvailedGround -> InvalidGround).
    • Fixed .reload resetting keybinds.
    • Fixed module commands being no longer available after reloading client.
    • Fixed LiquidChat not displaying error when copying token before setting.
    • Fixed LiquidWalk Dolphin mode not working.
    • Fixed .scriptmanager reload not reloading ClickGUI.


    • Added Down setting to Scaffold.
    • Added Real2D mode to ESP.
    • Replaced RotationStrafe in KillAura with mode selector and added Silent mode.
    • Added PotionEffect setting to Regen.
    • Added different options for what to do with empty bowls to AutoSoup.
    • Added new crash item to secondary creative inventory.
    • Added GommeSW mode to Teams.
    • Added Nuke and NukeDelay settings to Nuker.
    • Added Rotations setting to Nuker.
    • Added Priority settings to Nuker.
    • Added Swing mode to Crasher.
    • Added onStrafe, onSlowDown and onClickBlock events to ScriptAPI.
    • Added IgnoreVehicle setting to InventoryCleaner.
    • Added Hypixel mode to NoFall.
    • Completely new ScriptAPI. Developers should check out the documentation
    • Renamed Criticals Mode HypixelPacket to NcpPacket.
    • The server can no longer close the ClickGUI.
    • Improved .hide command.
    • Improved Zoot.
    • Re-worked GUICredits into GUIContributors.
    • Improved AutoReconnect feature. Delay can not be customized.
    • Improved performance of certain render code.
    • .xray command now supports block names instead of IDs.
    • Improved SameY setting of Scaffold.
    • Renamed and resorted Crasher modes and changed default mode.
    • Improved path finding of certain modules.

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