• I wanted to know how to switch switch delay in liquid bounce I even have the code

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  • Oof. You need to use an IDE to build liquidbounce, lol.
    And mems' fucking method with "gradlew clean build" wont work. Also, mems, gradlew in liquidbounce is too old, so it wont build because its not my fault. Use maven, lol, or start using IDE and you will not be fucking idiot???
    UPD: just unzip maven to liquidbounce src dir and open cmd and cd to liquidbounce src dir and type "mvn clean package".
    In target dir you will see jar, copy it into mods dir????
    UPD2: if newbuilded liquidbounce wont work as mod, you will need to copy META-INF dir from original liquidbounce and replace it into newbuilded liquidbounce using 7-zip/winrar

  • @wtf I'm surprised that you weren't permanently banned for your beautiful behavior and such kind words towards to people.

  • @mems i was just banned for toxicity and insulting. :axoconfused: Any smth?