MusicPlayer 1.4

  • Introducion

    This script allows you to play music from file or url.
    Originally made by natte,


    • .mp - shows information about script.
    • .mp folder - opens folder where all local mp3 files are stored.
    • .mp list - prints all files from music folder to chat.
    • .mp play <file name / url> - starts player with provided mp3.
    • .mp stop - stops player
    • .mp youtube <query> - allows you to search & play content from youtube.


    Download Core and MusicPlayer.js
    Write .scripts folder into chat while using LiquidBounce and put both files in there
    Write .reload into chat



    Write .mp folder into chat and put both mp3 files in there (spaces in file names are not supported right now)
    Write .mp play <file name>

    Online Stream

    Find some url that ends with mp3 (for example and write .mp play <the url>


    Write .mp youtube <query>


    1.2 - 11/05/2020
    YouTube support (experimental, please report every bug)

    1.1 - 10/05/2020
    Fixed the reload command thingy bug men))

    1.0 - 09/05/2020
    First release


    nerox (nerox.#1337) - provided me VPS for backend



  • idk why but it can't download the api can u fix that

  • I didn't test it in lb b72
    in lb dev b73 have some err that make u cant play music

  • @IluvAftery @LolMC
    There was an unintended subcommand .mp play name "name" and .mp play url "link" instead of .mp play "name / url" however the main problem is that natte forgot to move MusicPlayer api onto his website after redesinging it. Will be fixed soon.

    Edit: Updated MusicPlayer to 1.4, everything except YouTube streaming should work now.

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