JartexNetwork's Bed/Skywars Config. (Possibly undetectable)

  • ⬤ The following config includes: KillAura, Antibot, Scaffold, Tower, NoFall, AutoClicker and Fly settings. Now includes NoSlow, Target and Criticals.

    ⬤ Requirements:
    IdkWhoMe's NoFall ( https://forum.ccbluex.net/thread.php?id=3209#p20560 )
    Random/cancername's Matrix Glide Script (http://www.mediafire.com/file/rbjqam644wyhh14/MatrixGlide.js/file)
    CzechHek's AntiBot Script (https://github.com/CzechHek/Core/blob/master/Scripts/MatrixAntiBot.js)

    ⬤ Warning: The Fly setting of course gets flagged but only after 1-2 seconds. You can only toggle Fly when you are bridging and you are really close to the next base or something, or generally when you are close to something and that something has a relatively "big" gap. You just enable it after jumping and then you disable it as quick as you can so as not to cause any setbacks or fall down. But if you try the Fly mode too many times + sets you back to your old position, it will most likely not work, it's like a cooldown for it I could say.

    ⬤ 7/12/2020:
    1. Increased KillAura's MaxCPS + MinCPS as the previous one was actually undetectable with the AutoClicker's settings below.
    2. Increased KillAura's Range by a bit.
    3. Added Velocity.
    4. Added the settings AIO so as not to waste time while getting them one by one.
    ⬤ 7/17/2020:
    1. Decreased KillAura's MaxCPS + MinCPS values by 1 as it was becoming detectable.
    2. Decreased KillAura's Range as it was detectable.
    3. Decreased Scaffold's Placing Delay + disabled SafeWalk because every block it'd place, you'd be sort of having a "lagback" with the "Pre" PlaceTiming option.
    4. Ability to sprint + jump undetectably (Downwards/Diagonally EXCLUDED) thanks to the script ValueBinder.
    5. Increased SpeedModifier value by a bit.
    ⬤ 8/2/2020:
    1. Added AutoFindBlock. (In case you can't switch to blocks or you're in a hurry to use Scaffold, this script will detect any block you have. Applied to 9 slots)
    ⬤ 8/7/2020:
    1. Removed Scaffold, replaced with Eagle instead. (Bind the module with the key you bound Scaffold)
    ⬤ 8/9/2020:
    1. Re-added Scaffold and added new settings. `(CUSTOM LIQUIDBOUNCE REQUIRED. Tested on: Jartex/PikaNetwork, trees.ac, eu.loyisa.cn, test.matrix.rip)`
    ⬤ 8/19/2020:
    1. KillAura now will only hit players without having to use AutoClicker.
    2. Increased KillAura's MinCPS/MaxCPS.
    3. Updated Scaffold settings. (Eagle removed, less flags than ever. 4 directions + upwards ready)
    4. Removed changelog messages in the config.
    5. Removed more visual options.
    ⬤ 8/20/2020:
    1. Updated scaffold settings.
    2. Increased KillAura's MinCPS/MaxCPS.
    ⬤ 8/21/2020:
    1. Updated scaffold settings. (Forgot to change the Scaffold mode)
    2. Updated KillAura's FailRate value.
    ⬤ 8/25/2020:
    1. Removed Antibot, replaced with a script instead.
    2. Updated Scaffold settings. (Ability to now use AutoBlock with whatever item you hold in your hand, thanks to CzechHek's script, you can now disable AutoFindBlock. OPTIONAL)
    3. Tiny Scaffold setting update. (8/26/2020 1:42 AM)
    ⬤ 8/26/2020:
    1. Updated Velocity settings.
    2. Updated Scaffold settings.
    ⬤ 8/27/2020:
    1. Added NoSlow.
    2. Updated KillAura settings.
    ⬤ 8/30/2020:
    1. Updated Scaffold settings.
    2. Updated KillAura settings.
    ⬤ 9/1/2020:
    1. Updated Scaffold settings. (Too much usage of the Scaffold module led to speed flags so I set it at a value which won't detect)
    ⬤ 9/5/2020:
    1. Fixed NoSlow flags. (Forgot to include Packet > false)
    ⬤ 9/11/2020:
    1. Replaced NoFall script with a new one.
    2. Added Tower instead of including it.
    ⬤ 9/20/2020:
    1. Removed scripts as a NEW Custom LiquidBounce is made, a better updated version of the previous one.
    2. Updated Tower settings.
    3. Scaffold modes renaming.
    ⬤ 9/23/2020:
    1. Improved KillAura settings.
    2. Added a new option in NoSlow.
    3. Removed ValueBinder since it doesn't really work anymore.
    4. Decreased KillAura's range because insta-kicks would occur. (2:30 PM)
    5. Enabled an option in KillAura.
    6. AutoBlock names renamed since there's a updated version of Custom LiquidBounce.
    7. Improved KillAura settings.
    ⬤ 9/24/2020:
    1. Improved KillAura settings.
    2. Removed custom LiquidBounce from the Requirements list because it's finally merged with the original LiquidBounce.
    ⬤ 12/8/2020:
    1. Improved Scaffold settings.
    2. Improved ChestStealer settings.
    3. Added Criticals. (4:24 PM)
    4. Improved Tower settings. (4:24 PM)
    5. Improved KillAura settings. (4:24 PM)
    ⬤ 12/11/2020:
    1. Improved ChestStealer settings.
    2. Improved Scaffold settings.
    ⬤ 12/21/2020:
    1. Improved KillAura/Tower settings.
    ⬤ 12/24/2020:
    1. Improved KillAura settings.
    ⬤ 12/30/2020:
    1. Improved Scaffold/Tower settings.
    ⬤ 1/8/2021:
    1. Improved Scaffold settings.

    ⬤ Instructions on how to use Matrix Glide:

    NOTE: You must have a few ladders on your slots before doing this.

    1. You go Y blocks up, depending on the place you want to glide to.
    2. Enable MatrixGlide.
    3. Reach the destination and before you land, place ladders at somewhere where you can.
    4. Profit!

    ⬤ New way to FLY | Instructions:

    NOTE: This works because Jartex/PikaNetwork has disabled some velocity checks.

    1. Buy TNT + Blocks. In case velocity cannot reach that far
    2. Type .velocity mode smoothreverse
    3. Type .velocity smoothreversestrength 0.6 (Maximum speed you can go)
    4. Profit! Now you are able to fly to your opponent's island or to a generator island (Diamonds/Emeralds)

    NOTE: If you want to jump vertically instead of horizontally, see below.

    Tested all vertical values, choose values from 0 to 1.9, that's the maximum height you can go.

    Tip: To "bypass" Matrix's onehit KillAura checks, go to Options > Controls> Sensitivity > 50% or 45%. You can go just a bit higher or lower, but that amount is the most recommended. If you have a gaming mouse, even better, adjust your DPI if you feel uncomfortable with the game's sensitivity.

    ⬤ AIO Settings:

    Target Dead false
    NoSlow BlockForwardMultiplier 0.56
    NoSlow BlockStrafeMultiplier 0.56
    NoSlow ConsumeForwardMultiplier 0.56
    NoSlow ConsumeStrafeMultiplier 0.56
    NoSlow BowForwardMultiplier 0.56
    NoSlow BowStrafeMultiplier 0.56
    NoSlow Packet false
    NoSlow Soulsand false
    NoSlow LiquidPush true
    Velocity Mode Simple
    Velocity Horizontal 0
    Velocity Vertical 0
    AutoClicker MinCPS 8
    AutoClicker MaxCPS 10
    AutoClicker Right true
    AutoClicker Left true
    AutoClicker Jitter false
    Scaffold Mode Normal
    Scaffold MaxDelay 54
    Scaffold MinDelay 54
    Scaffold PlaceableDelay true
    Scaffold AutoBlock Switch
    Scaffold Sprint false
    Scaffold Swing true
    Scaffold Search true
    Scaffold Downwards false
    Scaffold PlaceTiming Pre
    Scaffold Eagle Normal
    Scaffold ExpandLength 1
    Scaffold RotationMode Static
    Scaffold RotationStrafe false
    Scaffold KeepRotation true
    Scaffold SilentRotation true
    Scaffold xzRange 0.1
    Scaffold yRange 0.8
    Scaffold SearchAccuracy 8
    Scaffold MaxTurnSpeed 90
    Scaffold MinTurnSpeed 30
    Scaffold StaticPitchOffSet 80.4
    Scaffold StaticYawOffset 45
    Scaffold KeepRotationLength 0
    Scaffold Zitter true
    Scaffold ZitterMode Teleport
    Scaffold ZitterSpeed 0.14
    Scaffold ZitterStrength 0
    Scaffold SpeedModifier 1
    Scaffold Timer 1.025
    Scaffold Slow false
    Scaffold SameY false
    Scaffold SafeWalk true
    Scaffold AirSafe true
    Tower Mode Jump
    Tower AutoBlock true
    Tower StayAutoBlock true
    Tower Swing true
    Tower StopWhenBlockAbove true
    Tower Rotations true
    Tower KeepRotation true
    Tower OnJump true
    Tower PlaceTiming Pre
    Tower Timer 1.025
    Tower JumpMotion 0.38
    Tower JumpDelay 0
    Tower ConstantMotion 0.42
    Tower ConstantMotionJumpGround 1.0
    Tower TeleportHeight 1.0
    Tower TeleportDelay 0
    Tower TeleportGround false
    Tower TeleportNoMotion false
    Criticals Mode LowJump
    Criticals Delay 0
    Criticals HurtTime 10
    KillAura MaxCPS 16
    KillAura MinCPS 15
    KillAura HurtTime 10
    KillAura Range 3.5
    KillAura ThroughWallsRange 2
    KillAura RangeSprintReducement 0
    KillAura Priority Direction
    KillAura TargetMode Switch
    KillAura Swing true
    KillAura KeepSprint true
    KillAura AutoBlock off
    KillAura InteractAutoBlock false
    KillAura BlockRate 40
    KillAura RayCast false
    KillAura RayCastIgnored false
    KillAura LivingRayCast false
    KillAura AAC false
    KillAura MaxTurnSpeed 30
    KillAura MinTurnSpeed 15
    KillAura SilentRotation true
    KillAura Strafe Silent
    KillAura RandomCenter true
    KillAura Outborder false
    KillAura FOV 180.0
    KillAura Predict false
    KillAura MaxPredictSize 1
    KillAura MinPredictSize 1
    KillAura FailRate 0
    KillAura FakeSwing false
    KillAura NoInvAttack false
    KillAura NoInvDelay 0
    KillAura LimitedMultiTargets 0
    KillAura Mark false
    KillAura FakeSharp false
    Fly Mode Hypixel
    Fly Hypixel-Boost true
    Fly Hypixel-BoostDelay 350
    Fly Hypixel-BoostTimer 1.5
    ChestStealer MaxDelay 50
    ChestStealer MinDelay 50
    ChestStealer DelayOnFirst false
    ChestStealer TakeRandomized true
    ChestStealer OnlyItems false
    ChestStealer NoCompass true
    ChestStealer AutoClose true
    ChestStealer AutoCloseMaxDelay 0
    ChestStealer AutoCloseMinDelay 0
    ChestStealer CloseOnFull true
    chat &7[&41/8/2021&7]
    chat &fThis config is made by &4mems.

    For lazy people, click here.

  • nice not bad

  • Made today a video to demonstrate how this config bypasses JartexNetwork's anticheats.

  • Deleted the video + updated the settings, feel free to dive in!

  • Updated the settings once again, this time with another script and another "surprising" bypass, Scaffold related.

  • Cool, someone actually uses ValueBinder 🙂

  • @mems scaffold speedmodifier 1.

  • @VisionFX What are the advantages a user would have if they set it to 1? Will test it right now.

    EDIT: Detectable, even at 0.2, I'm going to set it to 0.1 since it's a bit faster than 0

    EDIT x2: 0.15 works too, undetectable, faster, i guess. If i find out it's detectable, i will have it to 0.1

  • Added AutoFindBlock script.

  • cool :axocool:

  • Removed Scaffold, replaced with Eagle for now until they fix a wrongfully piece of code on the Scaffold's module.

  • Re-added Scaffold. Requires a Custom LiquidBounce.

  • @mems i going to update this old liquidbounce (?)

  • this is the newest one you sent me, @IdkWhoMe

  • @mems sk1ddddddd

  • @IdkWhoMe huh

  • Scaffold + KillAura updates ladies and gentlemen, enjoy.

    EDIT: Renamed the title of the topic because this now also applies to Skywars.

  • Scaffold + KillAura updates x2, enjoy.

  • Updated once again scaffold settings and the file.

    EDIT: Updated KillAura settings.

  • New script, MatrixGlide. An alternative to flying + pretty useful if you want to glide somewhere (bedwars/skywars islands for example)

    EDIT: If you use it too many times it will flag pretty quick.